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Daniela Wedemeier

Passionate about translation and the creative talent behind GES translations.

Daniela translates texts for our customers from English and Spanish into German. The texts include different types of communications, predominantly in the fields of marketing, tourism and IT. With more than 10 years of experience as an in-house translator and freelancer, she knows how to deliver a translated text that appeals to the target audience. Daniela’s translations always hit the mark and achieve her primary goal: greater success for the customer. Anyone can pick up a dictionary and translate a passage from one language into another; the skill lies in shaping the translation so that it still finds its way into customers’ hearts. At GES translations, we’ve perfected that skill. Get in touch!


Vasco Wedemeier

Customer account manager and project manager at GES translations.

Vasco develops tailored concepts for our customers and coordinates the overall workflow for small and large translation projects. He takes care of all the background processes at GES translations, from producing a quote to project planning and assigning the job to a vendor, right through to invoicing and quality assurance – choosing the right strategy to guarantee that your translation project is a complete success every time. If you have any general or specific questions about translation or localisation, just send us an email!

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