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Below you can see a selection of the translation projects we have carried out in previous years. Please understand that
for reasons of confidentiality and professionalism we cannot name any direct or agency clients.

Information technology

  • Proofreading translations for a US software company
  • Translation of a handbook for an iPad app (English/German)
  • Translation of a software handbook (English/German)
  • Translations and localisation of software strings (English/German)
  • Translations for the website of an IT service provider (English/German)
  • Translation of training materials for a management consultancy (English/German)
  • Office of Criminal Investigations, Lower Saxony/Hannover Police Department: Translating interrogation records and telecommunications surveillance records and texts from the field of economic crime

and many more

Tourism and sport

  • Translation of a website for an equestrian sports centre (English/German)
  • Translation of a website with travel advice for casino-goers (English/German)
  • Translation of a brochure and a website for a campsite (Spanish/German)
  • Translations for a website of a travel operator in North America (English/German)
  • Translation of a number of hotel descriptions for an internationally renowned hotel reservation portal
  • Translation of announcements for a sightseeing tour bus (English/German)

and many more


  • Translation of company profiles (English/German)
  • Translation of the website of a US novelist (English/German)
  • Translation of product descriptions for an online fashion shop (English/German)
  • Translation of a website including information about building muscles and healthy eating (Spanish/German)
  • Translations for an eReading provider (English/German)

and many more

Games and apps

  • Translation of general Ts and Cs for a games website (English/German)
  • Translation of a website for a poker school (English/German)
  • Translation of several Facebook apps (Spanish/English/German)
  • Translation of a fairy tale computer game (English/German)
  • Translations for an eReading app (English/German)

and many more

What do our clients say?

Translation agency
"Daniela provides the most fantastic German translations. Her attention to detail, enthusiasm and dedication make her a fantastic colleague to work with - thank you!" (Anja Jones, AJT)

Direct client (translation of a website about equestrian sports)
“Vielen Dank für die saubere und gute Übersetzung.”

Direct client (translation of an app)
"Excellent translation that reads well. Very good work."


Direct client (hotel descriptions)
"Great as always. Keep up the great work!"

Direct client (website about sport and nutrition)
"Thank you. We are very happy with this."

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